Multi Family Properties

Management of Multi Family Properties

Multi-family properties can be fantastic investments if they are correctly managed. They provide reliable monthly incomes and the properties will appreciate over time if they are maintained appropriately.

Real Property Management has over 20 years of experience in this industry and has successfully managed 1,000’s of multi-family projects. If you are contemplating entering into this field but do not want to deal with all of the headaches associated with running such a large operation, please take the time to read about our services below, and contact us if you need a free no obligation quote.

  • Onsite Management – Some projects are so large that they require a professional team of onsite managers to ensure that it is successful financially. Our firm is constantly training new staff to make certain that we can meet any needs when they arise.
  • Maintenance & Remodeling Services – Real Property Management employs a team of highly skilled maintenance personnel that can fix just about anything that goes wrong. In addition, we also have special relationships with many vendors that provide us the parts and supplies we need to maintain a property at wholesale costs. When these two are combined, we are confident that we can keep your properties in pristine shape for much less than you could yourself.
  • Parking Lot Security – Our company fully understands that one of the most important things potential residents review is a properties security systems. Because of that, we do everything within our power to ensure that the properties that we managed are as well protected as possible.
  • Landscaping & Amenity Appearance – People want to live in places that are pleasant and presentable. Real Property Management will make certain that your trees, hedges, lawns, and gardens are always kept in tip-top shape. In addition, areas like the pool or clubhouse will be cleaned regularly and will always be in working order.
  • Reliability & Honesty – Our firm believes in acting ethically when dealing with our clients and tenants. We are very transparent and are glad to explain each segment of our business operations to any interested party.
  • Cost Effective & Fair Pricing – Entrepreneur Magazine recently stated that we are one of the most cost-effective property management companies in the country. We are not the least expensive, and we are not the most expensive, but we do believe that we provide the best ROI in the industry.
  • Online Computer System – All of our clients have access to our state of the art online computer system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On it, you can examine the following information; property history, financial statements, work orders, tenant rental payment accounts, collections, and disbursements.
  • Liability Insurance – Our firm is fully licensed and insured in each state where we operate.

If you would like to find out more about Real Property Management and our multi-family program, please either call or email us at your earliest convenience.